I was a writer a long time before I became a photographer. I have always adored language and the beauty and power of words. I love to combine them to tell human stories. 


In 2009 I began writing the story of my own experiences as a young, naive psychiatric nurse back in the 1980s. In many ways, writing the book was akin to revisiting that time and I occasionally found myself so overwhelmed by the sights, smells, sounds and memories that I had to put the book aside and return to it later. If that sounds scary, or that the book might relate a catalogue of all things terrible, let me reassure you that it isn't. The seven years I spent there were among the best of my life but reliving them as a woman of 40 something felt completely different to how they appeared to a totally idealistic 18 year old. In 2014 the book was published in English, selling out its first two print runs and dispatched to more than 20 countries in its first month of publication. In 2015 the German version followed and has proven very popular among German speaking readers. A reader instigated - because quite honestly the idea had never occurred to me - is underway. Everyone wants to know what happened next!




















LABELLED - signed copies available from me or unsigned direct from the publisher/printer. 385 pages. €18,99 plus P&P

If you'd like a copy, in German or in English - mail me!

VER-RÜCKT - signed copies available from me. 336 pages. €17,99 plus P&P


In 2015 I was approached by German magazine 'draußen!' to write an article about the human element of the arrival of the refugees. Reader emails to the editor led to my becoming a regular contributor and since then I have written approximately 20 further human story articles for them. Other magazines followed and I have now written for Stuttgart's 'Trott War' and Salzburg's 'Apropos' on numerous occasions. 

In 2018, I plan to combine my love of words, my passion for photography and my need to tell stories about people. The world is changing and the best way to ensure that we do not become irreversibly divided is to tell stories from the perspective of a wide range of individuals. 

If you have an idea and would like to work with me or hire me for a words and images based project, mail me! I write in my native English and in German.

Translation Projects

My love of both English and German has led to my becoming involved in many varied (German to English) translation projects. I have translated medical reports for the British Army, the doctoral thesis of a heart surgeon and tourist and hotel websites, to name but a few. In 2017 alone, I translated the subtiles for three documentary films for a film studio in Salzburg, Austria and two books for different authors. Translation is a skill and and at the same time an art, as it requires both precision and creativity. It is a challenge I relish. If you have a translation project you'd like me to assist you with, mail me!



Last, but my no means least, I am a teacher. I teach English to anyone who wants to learn but specialise in English for Tourism and Matura (A level/High School Graduation) English. The feeling of helping someone achieve his or her goal is very special indeed. Mail me if I can help you!