ICM - Intentional Camera Movement 

ICM is photography's free jazz, a form of abstract photography where images are created by deliberately moving the camera, usually in a horizontal or vertical plane, but also rotational, whilst the shot is being taken. There are no filters and no special effects involved, the vast majority of the finished image is created by the photographer 'in camera'. Several of the images below are actually straight out of the camera, others have been edited for tone, contrast and colour.

Whilst not for everyone, ICM offers us a whole new way of looking at the world and is arguably more interesting than a straight up photo. It's also A LOT of fun. 


20 x 30 cm -€49.95 plus P&P

30 x 45 cm -€75.95 plus P&P - LIMITED EDITIONS €125.00 plus P&P

40 x 60 cm -€99.95 plus P&P

30 x 30cm - €64. 95 plus P&P - LIMITED EDITION OF 'BOLZANO BLOOMS' €115.00 plus P&P

40 x 40cm- €84,95 plus P&P

50 x 50cm - €99.95 plus P&P

*Prints are on finest quality Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper and are unframed*

ICM & LP Workshop Tours 2018

I will be doing ICM  workshop tours in 4 different locations this year. The tour will last 4-5 hours and will cover everything you need to create your own unique ICM images using various techniques. You'll be astonished at what is possible and you'll have so much fun!

What do I need?

The ideal set up is a DSLR or mirrorless camera with a standard 18-55mm kit zoom lens or similar and either a polarising filter or ND filter. These filters reduce the light entering the camera which is important as we will be working with slow shutter speeds.

As a minimum you need a DSLR or mirrorless camera with a polarising filter. Lens choice is yours.

Dates and venues:

Zell am See, Kitzbühel, Salzburg - on request, daytime or after dark for light painting.

Bolzano : May 17th, 31st. June 14th, 28th. July 12th, 26th. August 9th, 23rd. September 6th, 20th. October 4th, 18th & 25th.

Times are flexible - ICM can be performed during the day or after dark. First person to book sets the time on the fixed Bolzano dates!

A location of your choice on request, mail me and let's talk about it!

Price: €75 per person not including drinks etc.

Minimum & maximum participant numbers:

Zell am See & Kitzbühel 1 person min - 6 people max

Salzburg: 3 people min - 6 people max

Bolzano : 4 people min - 6 people max

2019 workshops are already in the pipeline and, being a very proud Fujifilm X series shooter, I'm teaming up with Fujiholics.com who will organise the courses for me via Eventbrite. I'll be in York, England on January 18th and London, England on January 19th. Booking will be live on Eventbrite very soon.

Booking via email - throughalexseyes@gmail.com