Mir gefallen Alexs Fotos sehr gut. Es ist beeindruckend wie sie eigentlich unscheinbare Dinge, hauptsächlich aus der Natur, besonders zur Geltung bringt. Für mich hat sie wunderschöne Weihnachtskarten gemacht und auch einen Kalender. Sie hat zu jedem Monat das perfekte Foto gefunden. Ich bin total begeistert. Hm, jetzt brauchen wir noch ein uriges Bild...

Ursula S. Krimml. Austria.

I have fallen in love with Alex's photography as well as her writing. She sees patterns, different scenes and especially light differences where many of us just don't. Also, because she lives in a country and culture so different from my own, she has introduced me to an entirely new world. My husband and I are collectors and I'm proud to say I have a piece of Alex's art on its way to me. It won't be the last.

Barbara B. Texas, USA

I'm a cross stitch addict usually focusing on wildlife but when I saw Alex's 'The Man in the Mist', I knew it had to be my next big project. The final design will not be a reproduction of the photograph but an interpretation of it. I can only hope my efforts will echo at least some of the ethereal beauty of Alex's original image and do justice to her photographic skills. Thank you, Alex, for allowing me to use your photo in this way.

Julie K. Cheshire, England

Gewaltig! Dein Buch 'Ver-rückt' konnte ich nicht mehr aus der Hand legen und jetzt hängen auch zwei Bilder von dir bei uns zuhause. Ein echtes Talent und ganz was anderes! Danke! <3

M. Van Dijk. Barrn, Holland

Those who know me know how much I love my dog - Oscar. Like me, he's not getting any younger and I wanted some great photos of us together and asked Alex to do the honours. We weren't the easiest of subjects but she was patient and good humoured and captured the moment beautifully on camera. As for the medium - aluminium - the quality is superb and the images are as bright and as light as the moment was. Thank you.

Sylvia. C. Mittersill. Austria.

Wir sind von der Bildqualität sowie von der besonderen Entwicklung der Bilder ebenso begeistert wie von den fantastischen Motiven. Ich habe mich sofort in den 'Pinzgauer Zaun' verliebt, Nun hängt das Bild in unserer Rezeption. Schade, dass wir so wenig Platz haben, sonst hätten wir noch mehr von deinen Bildern. Wir sind gespannt auf deine Sommerfotos. Danke, Alex, wir werden sehr gerne deine Arbeit weiter empfehlen.

Fam.Brugger, Gasthof Siggen.

Neukirchen am Grossvenediger, Österreich.

Alex is an artist pur sang. When she first showed me her photographs I immediately recognised her very specific eye and style. Her photos are sharp, brilliant, gallery quality and eminently suitable to complement the design of high end chalets and other exclusive accommodations. I have put my photos from Alex in Altholz (reclaimed wood) frames to create a contrast and now they hang proudly in our own Boutique Chalet Max in Neukirchen, Austria. They are really superb.

Marlies Muus - Muus Art Society, Holland


Deutsche Übersetzung dieser Bewertung:

Alex ist eine begnadete Künstlerin. Als sie mir ihre Fotos zeigte, erkannte ich sofort ihr gutes Auge fürs Detail und ihren außergewöhnlichen Stil. Ihre Bilder sind scharf, brillant und haben absolute Galeriequalität. Sind sind wunderbar geeignet, um das Design von High-End- Chalets und anderen exklusiven Unterkünften zu bereichern. Ich habe die Aluminium Bilder von Alex in Altholz eingerahmt um so einen besonderen Kontrast zu schaffen und jetzt Hägen sie stolz in unserer Boutique Chalet Max in Neukirchen, Österreich. Sie sind wirklich hervorragend! 

It's difficult to put into words how your photos make me feel. I feel happy inside. Yes, that's it...they make my soul smile. I particularly like the 'Fading Beauty' images. So simple and so perfect. There is beauty even in decay and you've captured it perfectly. And your landscape images remind me so much of my roots. I love your work.

B. Mayo. Illinois, USA

Alex, thank you SO much for this Krampus! He is honestly even better than I anticipated - the quality is phenomenal! I am also very impressed with the way you handled the business accept of the transaction - you kept me informed every step of the way. Thank you again.


                  J. Parsons. Texas, USA


When a friend expressed a wish to buy me one of Alex's aluminium prints as a gift, the one a chose was this one. I really can't describe how beautiful her photos are. She has a great eye for patterns and for light and dark. The depths of the photos are so gorgeous and this is matched perfectly in the aluminium print itself. 

Alex is an up and coming artist you'll want to buy from before she finds out how good she is!

L. Sherwin, Texas USA

Alex's photo was a gift from a good friend who asked me to choose from Alex's website. I didn't know Alex and when I opened the site the beauty of the photos which appeared took my breath away. After a few days of contemplation, I finally settled on The Rose. A few days previously my dad had passed away and this was the photo which reminded me how delicate life can be. Simplicity, happiness, beauty and how peaceful life can be at the end were all captured in this one photo. The aluminium print is absolutely stunning. I love it! Alex is a wonderful photographer and a certain up and coming success. Thank you, Alex, I love all your work.

    D. Domenick, Carlisle, PA, USA