ICM - Intentional Camera Movement 


ICM is photography's free jazz, a form of abstract photography where images are created by deliberately moving the camera whilst the shot is being taken. I move my camera in endless different ways to create different effects and the only limit is my own imagination! There are no special effects involved - what you see in this gallery was created by me 'in camera'. 

ICM offers us a whole new way of looking at the world and is arguably more interesting than a straight up photo. I can make an image dance, shimmer and sway. I can bring a scene to life.


All my prints are prepared by a world class print laboratory in Germany and printed on the finest quality Hahnemühle Fine Art papers. These are very special indeed, a world away from normal photographic papers. Each print is hand signed by me and set in a high quality mount before being sent out to you. I do not send prints directly from the printer as I prefer to quality check them myself first. When you buy a print from me, premium quality comes as standard.

There are three categories of prints:

Open Editions - for sale worldwide in unlimited numbers.

Limited Editions - limited to just ten prints across all sizes and in addition to being hand signed and mounted, they come to you in a special presentation box with a certificate of authenticity, which is numbered and hand signed by me.

Unique Editions - as the title suggests, this will be a very special image and there will be just one single print available, anywhere, ever! Preparation and presentation are as per my limited editions with a little extra something in the box, just for you.





(format 3:2)

15 x 10 cm  - €31,95 plus P&P

30 x 20 cm -€44.95 plus P&P

45 x 30 cm -€59.95 plus P&P 

60 x 40 cm -€89.95 plus P&P

(format 4:3)

20 x 15 cm - €34.95 plus P&P

28 x 21 cm - €44.95 plus P&P

40 x 30 cm -€55.95 plus P&P

60 x 45 cm - €95,95 plus P&P

(format 1:1 square)

20 x 20cm - €39.95 plus P&P

30 x 30cm - €55. 95 plus P&P 

40 x 40cm- €65,95 plus P&P

50 x 50cm - €89.95 plus P&P


(format 3:2)

45 x 30 cm -€115.00 plus P&P 

60 x 40 cm -€185.00 plus P&P


(format 4:3)

40 x 30 cm -€110.00 plus P&P

60 x 45 cm - €195.00 plus P&P

(format 1:1 square)

30 x 30cm - €110.00 plus P&P 

40 x 40cm- €145.00 plus P&P

50 x 50cm - €180.00 plus P&P


Please contact me for details.


If you are interested in buying my art to hang in your hotel or business, talk to me about special rates and limited editions. I can even shoot something or somewhere just for you if you wish. Let's talk!


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Sun. 17th Jan 2020

a walk by the river

autumn in the forest

i am happy to live in a world where

autumn on the heath

watching the watchers. Limited Edition

crossing the road 1

crossing the road 1

crossing the road 2

the need for speed

wildkogel sunset

club of newchurch 2018

club of newchurch 2018

alex in wonderland

at the falls

rivers of gold

the flow

forest of dreams

into the vortex

bolzano blooms Limited edition

strawberry milkshake

pink ain't a colour it's an attitude

mountain adventure

cherry blossom explosion

in the alleyway


rhythm of the night

the nights knows all my secrets

Raine dedicated to a very special dragonslayer

gold spinning

wildkogel resort, bramberg 1

wildkogel resort, bramberg 2

wildkogel resort, bramberg 3

wildkogel resort, bramberg 4

wildkogel resort, bramberg 5

as the winter sun goes down

spring is coming

on a rainy day

blowin' in the wind

rainbow mountain

spring into summer

nothin' I can do

sunset behind the trees

sunset on the wildkogel